Monsoon period,Every one should take care in  this season.A wet season,the moisture ,rains make hell in the kitchen with inconvenient and intolerable smell.But by following some precautions we can avoid them.
  • The kitchen platform should be cleaned by a towel dipped in soap water,or else the oil and greasy marks will  be left there itself.Then the flies and mosquitoes problem will also be solved  .
  • Wash the napkins used in kitchen in hot soapy water frequently.The sink in the kitchen should be cleaned daily without fail.
  • Kitchen  windows and almirahs ,should also be cleaned with a cloth.They should be cleaned thoroughly and out of moisture.The oven ,fridge, grinder etc electric appliances should be cleaned with a dry cloth.
  • Open the windoors and doors of the kitchen for sometime in the morning time,fresh air passes through the room.
Tips to be followed:
  • When fries and spicy items are prepared ,and the kitchen is full of smoke and spicy odour,then place  pieces of apple and pour a few drops of hot oil,then a nice fragrance will be circulated throughout the kitchen.
  • Boil a few lemon rinds in a bowl of water without keeping a lid on it.When the water starts boiling a nice aroma will be circulated and linger in the kitchen.
  • Place cardamom,cloves  or cinnamon stick in a bowl of water and boil it.A good aroma  will be passed in the kitchen.
  • Place a scented agarbathi after the cooking is completed,it gives and circulates the whole house.


  1. useful tips, thanks madam, liked your aloo curry, cabbage curry and toor dal chutney, great


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