• Whether you are a man or woman, simply love your selves and accept yourself as you are.This belief is a foundation stone,be happy and content with what you have and what you are.Try to improve if you can in additional,and mould yourself as a perfect human.Dont leave the chances to get improved,because chances do come very rarely,and u have to take the oppurtunity of this...Very tough..But  we can try.
  • Accept others as they are.Let how may others  be,take good out of them..Nobody in the universe is happy without problems.Daily make it a habbit to exercise,or walking or yoga,and meditate,breathing techniques.Have a pleasant bath,be clean,and clean habbits...
  • Habituate to lead a healthy life .Say no to smoking,drinking,playing cards,and drugs.Leave bad habbits like anger,jealousy,quarelling,spitting, etc etc..Think it's hard..But we can try.
  • Follow discipline,while eating food,sleeping,talking,viewing TVs and cinemas.Dont sleep more than 6 to 7 hours,daily. Maintain discipline in thoughts  .Be open minded,flexible.Dont come to a stubborn conclusion . Be free mind and opt new thoughts ,and knowledge...Can try to follow it.
  • Enjoy the sweetness of life,and nature.The greenery,the flowers,the birds,animals,god and his creation.Spent ample amount of your quality time with family and children.Make it a habbit of listening jokes,seeing comic movies and comic shows. Dont be irressistable,dont listen any bodys remarks.Take sportively and do not take in to heart...Too hard ..But not impossible..Takes time I think.
  • Donot believe if anybody speaks lies,donot take it serious.Listen to melodious music,and read good books.Improve your skills and appearance.Change the thinking pattern,improve skills and relations.Observe the communications,and your self behaviour... Omg think it's a hard nut to crack.
  • Improve your memory and sense of attitude towards the society.Try to follow majority of the rules and regulations,and be healthy,and invite a happier tomarrow.Learn that happiness is the fruit of the life.Live and let live should be your motto of live.Live happily and let others live happily.If you laugh at the society,it also laughs with you...Is it..Then we can try..
All these points are gathered and shared here..From articles and magazines..Hoping to follow and make life a bit better..I will try and you ?
A collection from Magazines and internet..


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