Main door or main entrance is given a top priority in fengshui,as this is considered as "The mouth of CHI" .If the main door is placed in exact position,good luck follows ,according to fengshui.There are a few points to be considered with main door in fengshui.
  • The size of the main door should be neither too big nor too small.
  • The maindoor should be kept absolutely clean,without dust or cobwebs.It should be in a good condition without any breaks or damages,should be free of repairs.
  • Try to avoid branches of trees or plants of nearby  passage,obstructing the path while passing by.
  • It should be exposed to natural  day light and in the nights by switching artificial bulb lights.
  • It should be  stronger ,and made of wood,and should be opened towards inside.
  • The main door should have a protective  and safe roof on it.
  • The main door should have two leaves and it should not be a single large door.
  • It should not be under a bath  room or toilet.
  • It should be in a personal fortunate direction of the house owner.
  • And also it should face your personal fortunate direction.
  • The main door should not face any water tank,or electric pole.
  • It should not be in the opposite of a tree.
  • It should not face a temple,or stove,or stair case,or neighbours door or gate.
But there are some remedies for major  things in fengshui.
  • Place flowering plants on the sides of the main entrance.
  • Place a bagua yanthram  outside on the  main door.
  • Affix automatic door closer ,if you have a bathroom opposite to your main entrance.
  • If you have a wall opposite to your main entrance,place a painting on the wall.
  • If you have a stair case in front of your main entrance,increase the sill(inti gadapa) of your main entrance to a feet.
  • If you have a lift opposite to your main door,place a convex mirror in the centre  of your maindoor , out side.
  • Slippers and broom sticks should never be kept near main door.Keep your slippers  very far from main door,on a stand.You can check from other posts of fengshui where the slippers are to be kept.
So for every house a main door is the most important of all.According to fengshui ,the energy nourisher ,good luck CHI enters your home only through main entrance.And it travels all your house from that place.Thats why for proper distribution of good positive energy the main entrance should not only should be placed in a proper  place but also should be in a correct direction.

Collection from magazines.


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