Friday, July 9, 2010



Monsoon -a wet season,to cope up with wet season  cheerfully and well  glowing follow these tips.
  • Wear right type of clothes.They should  not soak up water easily,and even if they are soaked they should dry up very soon without loosing their shape.Denims are not for monsoons.Buy light weight,capri pants and three fourths.
  • Keep your cool cottons and organdis inside ,store them for sunny days.Synthetic clothes and nylons are ideal as they are lighter and dry  up fast  and they regain their original shape when they are dry.White and light colours go muddy,wear bright colours ,to beat the rainy days. Buy a good bright coloured rain coat and a matching umbrella to suit with it.
  • Wear rubber or plastic shoes to prevent your feet from getting wet in this season.Remove wet shoes and change your wet dress  in to a dry dress as soon as u reach home.Never wear wet shoes until unless they are dry ,otherwise you will be a host of health problems from common cold to pneumonia.Avoid storing wet shoes in the closet,as they may develop cracks in the heals,until unless they are dry keep them in a dry place for drying them.
  • Always keep extra pair of shoes,at your work place or home.Massage your feet with moisture based feet cream after washing  your feet with luke warm water.This will keep your feet soft.
  • In this season ,avoid face creams and foundations while going out,to avoid  being washed off with rain water .Use lipstick ,eye brow pencil and powder.
  • Wash your hair regularly,and massage your hair to avoid dandruff and other hair problems.The hairstyle should be simple, or else if u do hairstyle the rain water or humidity in the hair make your hair limp and ugly within no time.Wet hair like wet legs will give rise to many health problems.Use hair dryer for drying the hair in rainy season.It will not only dry your hair and give a well combed look but also save the  doctors bills. 
  • Beware of fungal infections .Apply a mask of 1 tsp honey mixed with lime juice,on the face and let it remain for 1 hour.Then wash with luke warm water  and splash on with cool water.The skin will become dry this season,so be liberal regarding moisturizers......
  • Take warm meals and hot milk,or teas to cope up with wet season.Foods that boost immunity system are,green tea ,ginger ,garlic,chillies,turmeric,cinnamon,sweet potatoes,tomatoes,carrots,figs and tomatoes etc.Drink green tea,and tulasi tea,also ginger tea.Stay away from cool and fizzy drinks and icecreams,atleast on wet days.Be liberal with hot soups.Dont avoid drinking plenty of water under room temperature.. 
In this way by taking extra care every body can safe guard themselves in rainy season......


  1. thanks for the tips and liked capsicum rice as well

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