When you are disturbed and out of moods ,a bit of change in your routine is required..Coz mental happiness increases the physical beauty in a person.
  • Minimise starchy foods ,carbohydrates in your intake of food.
  • Start body exercise.
  • Go for a dayout with your family and children.
  • Eat your favourite  foods and your choice of menu from your near and dear.
  • Listen to your favourite music and start reading  your favourite book
  • Go for a picnic or short vacation
  • See your family  photo album and recollect the memories
  • Have a chat with your friends.
  • Purchase a dress which you are longing to purchase and wear it.
  • Try to have a full sleep of 7  hrs without any disturbances.
  • Donot worry over the past and think about the future,be in present.
  • Try to help others.Helping those who  are in need gives mental happiness.
  • Daily do exercise,keeping body in fit not only gives health but also increase mental peace.
  • Practise meditation and breathing techniques.
  • Pray god daily ,this improves mental happiness.
  • Be a nature lover,which increases mental happiness.
  • Make it a habbit to listen good music which is soothing,and read good books.
  • Be happy,coz u look beautiful when u are HAPPY..