Atukulu/rice flakes-1 cup
Oil 1 cup for deep frying
Ground nuts handful
Oil 2 tsp
Red mirchi (slits)  1 no
Mustard seeds1/2 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp.
Redchilli powder 1/2 tsp
Haldhi a pinch
Curry leaves a few
Place a kadai on the stove add 1 cup of oil,after it is heated  deep fry rice flakes
in 2 turns,and take off in to a wide bowl.Next in the same oil deep fry ground nuts and take off when they turn brown in to the same wide bowl.
Take off all the excess oil in to seperate bowl,and retain only 2 tsps in the  same kadai,and add the seasoning ,redchilli slits,jeera,mustard seeds,curry leaves.Immediately switch off as already the oil is hot and the seasoning will be fried in a second.Transfer the seasoning  in to the wide bowl,and also add redchillie powder and salt,and mix well.Riceflakes/atukulu mixture is ready for children..
Its quite safe and healthy to skip bazaar food and prepare in 10 mins of time for  children as a variety rather than purchasing outside atleast once or twice in a week.
Kitchen Tip:
For all deep fries keep a seperate small kadai and use only less oil,so that if any oil is remaining u can use it in next days seasonings...By this method u need not carry the left over deep fried oil to again nextdays deep frying snack reheating of deepfried oil is harmful for health.


  1. Naku chala istam ee recipe.. looks perfect !!

  2. wow!! chaala bagundhii... ippudu varaku eppudu cheyaledhu... ippiudu kachitanga try chesthanu... really very very happy to follow u

  3. Wow looks delicious, chala rojula nunchi chedamanukuntunna, gurthu chesinanduku thanks.


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