Dhaniyala majjiga pulusu is a soft dish,we use dhaniyala rasam in the end..Ava pettina majjiga pulusu is yummy and strong and not suitable for acedic patients,as it causes burning sensation.But this variety of majjiga pulusu is a soft one,which goes with elders and children also..
Butter milk 6 cups
Besan powder 3 to 4 tbsp
Green chillies 6 nos.slits
Curry leaves
Kothmeer leaves
Chopped bottle gourd pieces 1 cup
Bottle gourd peeled and chopped in to
small pieces.
Bhendi pieces 1 cup

Oil 2 tbsp
Mustardseeds 1/2  tsp
Jeera1/2 tsp
Red chillies 4 nos.slits
For dhaniya:
Place 3to 4  tbsps of dhaniya in small wet grinder,
add 1/2 cup of water and blend /grind
thoroughly, into juice,
a very thin consistancy.Keep aside.
Place a pan on the stove add oil to it.
After the oil is heated add red chilli slits,mustard
and jeera,let them splutter. Then add green chilli
slits,curry leaves,and chopped bottle gourd pieces
and bhendi pieces.Now pour 1 1/2  cups of water
and cook them in a low flame,until they are soft..
In the meanwhile,mix besan powder in the butter milk,
and now pour the butter milk in to the pan ,in
which the chopped pieces are boiling.Add salt ,and
let them boil in low flame.It will take more than
20 min to boil ..If the flame is on high the butter milk
will spill over.Swich off after it is boiled and thickened..
Then immediately strain the dhaniya juice in to the majjiga
pulusu,mix well.Add kothmeer and transfer in to a bowl.
It will be settled and yummy to eat with hot rice after
half an hour..


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