Living room is a space where all family members get together,sit ,talk together.
When friends and relatives do come home,all members unite together in the living room,hall.Now a days in many homes and apartments both hall and dining room are adjoined together in to a big space or room.Therefore one should successfully plan the construction of hall while constructing the home.
The hall should be decent,and the placements of Tv ,lights and the seating arrangement ,furniture should be planned according to fengshui..
  • The dimensions of the hall should be either in square or rectangular shape.If it is long at some corners cut it by placing plants or Tv.
  • Natural light and air  have to be  passed freely.The colours of the walls should be decent.
  • The main living area being  the hall should be warm inviting and comfortable.Its better to display only a few items,than many items.Thatswhy the owners should rotate a few at a time for display.
  • The furniture should not be placed in between the entrance door and the passage of the hall/room.It should be arranged so as to allow for easy movement through out the room.
  • The flooring should be given a neat finishing touch.
  • The sofas and chairs should not be sharp edged,which cause wear and tear.
  • The corners should be covered with plants.
  • Beautiful scenery should be placed on the wall.
  • The lighting should be pleasant, equally distributed in the total room.
  • Close the book shelves in the hall,dont keep it open.
  • Place crystals in the north west corner of the hall,your children will be successful in their education.Place your family photo on the wall of south direction,in the south west corner of the hall,to enhance the family relations..
  • Alarms or calling bells which produce pleasant sound should be placed in the hall.
  • Telephone or cell phones ,which build positive relations with the society and people should be placed in west direction or north west direction..
  • The fish acquarium should be placed in the east or north direction of the hall.
  • The halls main table should be clean and neat.Dont store the clutter on the table.Place natural flowers or plants on it.
Things to be removed in a hall are:
  • Old news papers, magazines
  • Ashtray with cigarette ash
  • Covers and letters
  •  Old video casettes
  • Old radios and transistors
  • Old batteries
  • Old account books
  • Old suit cases
  • Old boots and socks
  • Toys
By maintaining a clutter free hall and fengshui the connections with the society will enhance perfectly as it is the meeting place of all the ends..

Acollection from magazines..


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