Usually after a fever or so,for 2 to 3 days of fasting,doctors recommend a light food to be given,which can be easily digested to the patient..then here is such light food, which is very lighter.
Cook yellow moong dal or tur dal after washing it thouroughly well.Seperate the  water above  the cooked daal in to a seperate bowl.Add salt to it.Place a pan for seasoning on the stove,with 2 tsp oil init. Add 1/2 sp jeera 2 redchilli slits,hing and curry leaves.After they splutter add the seasoning in to the bowl and bring to a boil..after boiling 3 to 5 mins switch off.
No need of adding tamarind  as if u add tamarind it will become a rasam.But u can add tamarind if u want to.This dish is very light and a well known recipe from our ancestors time of our grand fathers and grand mothers.If it is done with water over the cooked tur daal it is called as kandhi kattu,and if it is done with water above the cooked moong daal it is called as pesara kattu.
Kandhi kattu is recommended for supper time,and pesara kattu for dinner time..
With toor dal water.

It can be drunk as daal soup also..


  1. Nenu asalu marchipoyanu ee recipe gurinchi.. thank you kanthi garu :)


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