Tomato chutney can also be made in a easy way,it stays fresh upto a month.It tastes well with hot cooked rice and even chhappathis and dosas.But care should be taken ,in drying the tomatoes after washing them,wipe off with a dry cloth .

Oil ...up to 200 gms
Tomatoes ...1 kg
Chopped in to small pieces
Salt..To taste
Chilli powder... 5 to 7 tsp

For powder:

Methi seeds ...1/2  tsp
Mustard seeds ...1 tsp

For seasoning:

Channa daal ...1 tsp
Urad daal... 1 tsp
Mustard and methi seeds..1/2 sp each
Hing..A pinch
Curry leaves..4 to 5 handfuls
(to be dry without water)


  • Place a pan on the stove,add 3 to 4 tbsp oil to it.
  • Then after the oil is heated add chopped tomatoes,and (cook) saute well in a low flame.
  • It takes more time to cook .(if cooked in low it will take more than half an hour,If cooked in high flame by standing near by and stirring it will take just 10 to 15 min time to get dry).
  • Then after it is half cooked add chilli powder and salt.
  • Mix well,and let it cook ,as the tomato mixture evaporates the water consistancy inside and will be cooked.
  • Meanwhile place another pan on the stove and roast methi seeds,mustard seeds on it ,should be roasted till brown.
  • Let it cool and make a soft powder by dry grinding it.
  • Mix the methi powder in the chutney,and sim just for 5 min then switch off.
  • After it is completed add seasoning by preparing it seperately..

Let it cool and store it in a dry container .


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