Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Gavvalu ,this dish is also prepared by maidha.But the shape differs,thats all.
Maidha 2 cups
Ghee 2tbsp
Salt a pinch
Soda a pinch
Oil-for deep frying
Sugar 1 cup
Mix maidha,salt,soda together.Boil 2 tbsp of ghee seperately in a small pan,and add to the maidha flour.Now mix them and add water and mix them smoothly just like we mix for puris.Now take a gavvalu peeta.Make small round balls and keep aside.
Now place each small round ball on gavvala peeta  press and roll them .They look like shells with Upand down small lines will be formed on them.Like wise prepare all of them .Meanwhile prepare sugar syrup in a pan by adding 1 cup of water to it.Boil the syrup till about medium consiatancy and keep it covered.
Place a pan with oil on the stove,and after the oil is heated ,deep fry these gavvalu and place in sugar syrup for 5 min and take off them .Now place them in a dry wide bottomed vessel to dry.After they are dried completely store them.
Hot gavvalu:
For khara gavvalu add a tsp of chilli powder in the flour while mixing them with water.And after deep frying let them remain,and store them. Donot place them in sugar syrup.


  1. very new to me..looks like small pasta..nice one!!

    US Masala

  2. wow havvalu chala bagunai ...meeru chala baga chesaru kanthi garu ...


  3. It looks like pasta in jaggery. Lovely gavvalu. New to me and I love them.

  4. ahaa wonderful snacks..looking fabulous...

  5. Wow!! the shape looks beautiful and nice snack recipe

  6. Woww.. what a classic recipe.. chala baga vachayi kanthi garu.. norooruthondi.. thanks for sharing !!

  7. Nice sweet. It is similar to gul gul sweet prepared during christmas.

  8. I used to enjoy this Sweet Bellam Gavvalu in my childhood as snacks. I used to fill my school shirt pockets with it and used to enjoy my intervals with it. thank you for bringing those memories again. this making process looks simple and easy. will try this weekend. thank you once again.


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