Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Instant pulihora is also called as pachhi pulusu pulihora very often made in temples and gatherings..Here they wont cook/boil the tamarind juice , thats why it wont last after a few hours..we have to eat only when it is fresh..
The remaining proceedure is same to ordinary tamarind pulihora..
Oil 3to 4  tbsp
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Methi seeds a pinch
Urad daal 2 tsp
Channa daal 2 tsp
Ground nuts 3 tbsp
Haldhi 1/2 tsp
Red chilli slits of 4 nos
Green chilli slits of 6 to 8 nos
Curry leaves a few
For pulihora:
Cooked white rice-3 cups
Cook rice with 1 : 2 water, and spread in a bowl with 2 tbsp of oil ,haldhi and salt,and a few curry leaves ,mix it well. 
Extract thick  tamarind juice from tamarind pulp -3 to 4 tbsp
Take fresh tamarind juice and mix in hot  steamed rice along with salt and seasoning..(need not boil the tamarind pulp)Adjust sourness,spicyness and salt and  transfer into a serving bowl,and serve.


  1. Interesting recipe...loved this version ...bookmarked ...!
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    Tasty Appetite

  2. Very nice recipe.. thanks for sharing !!

  3. I love this rice..this recipe sounds so easy n quick..thanks dear for sharing!

    US Masala

  4. Wow never tried this pulihora


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