Pesara pappu sweet,is a sweet with a soft and  delicious taste,healthy and children like it.More over a protein rich  being daal is used ..
Moong daal/Chaya pesara pappu 1 cup
Ghee 50 gms
You may use a still more
Sugar 1 cup
Saffron a pinch
Khova 1 cup
Dry fruits:
cashew,and raisins
each 1 tsp
Method:(on stove)
Pesara pappu should be washed well and soaked in water for 8 hours.Again wash it for a few times and boil it..after the daal is boiled/cooked keep it aside.
Then after it turns cool,grind it into a paste.

Now place a heavy bottomed vessel on the stove (keep the flame to low temp)and add 2 spoons of ghee and fry the dry fruits cashew and raisins,and keep aside,retain the leftover ghee in the vessel  only..then in the same vessel place 1 tsp of ghee along with  the pesara pappu paste  in it ,and stir quite often..Then after 3 minutes add sugar  and mix well.After a few minutes,now add the saffron and khova and also 2 tsp ghee,and mix well
Like wise add the whole ghee 50 gms  quite often, and mix well .Swich off after it is cooked ..and garnish with cashew and raisins..

Microwave method:
Microwave the washed n soaked (for 8 hours)1 cup moong daal along with 3 cups of water in micro high for 5 minutes,stirring well for every 2 minutes.
Then take it out and let it cool..then grind it into a paste..
Now in a micro safe bowl place 2 tsp of  ghee along with moong daal paste mix well and microwave for 2 min, then remove out.
Mix well with a spoon and add sugar powder along with khova and saffron,and again microwave for 3 minutes. remove out add the remaining balance of ghee and micro for 2 minutes.
Remove out and mix the fried dry fruits mix well and micro for 1 minute..
Remove outside and serve hot..


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