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Monday, October 11, 2010


My friend has send me star fruits,but i donno any recipes as such with wanna try some recipes with them.After knewing the nutritional values and the vitamins, fibre ,etc i did not want to waste them.Instantly i made rasam/charu with it,and it was very very tasty.
Star fruit 1 no
washed and chopped in to pieces.
For seasoning:
Oil 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Methi seeds a pinch
Red chillies 3 nos
Green chillies 3 nos
Curry leaves
Place the chopped star fruit pieces in a micro safe bowl with 1 cup of water ,micro high for 3to 4 minutes..
Remove it outside and let it cool.
After it is cool grind in to a paste with the left over water in it.
Now add 2  cups of more  water to the paste and mix well.Add salt to it.
Now prepare seasoning in a kadai.Place oil and the seasoning materials,mustard seeds,jeera,red chilli slits,green chilli slits,methi seeds,hing
and after they stop spluttering add curry leaves and grren chilli slits.

For seasoning in microwave,add oil in the bowl micro high for 20 seconds,then remove out and add all the materials of seasoning except curry leaves and green chilli slits and ginger slits and micro high for 1 minute.Take off add the seasoning to the star fruit mixture along with  curry leaves,green chilli and ginger slits and mix well.
Switch off the stove.
Add the seasoning to star fruit mixture and boil well for 5 minutes in micro high ,in microwave or boil for 10 min on the stove.The best combination with this recipe is nuvvula podi/sesame powder with hot steamed rice and ghee ..


  1. saw the star fruit and water came into mouth bec it is very sour and in school time we eat with salt. rasam is looking sour and erfect

  2. Very tempting rasam, looks wonderful!

  3. I love this rasam. Nice clicks.. I used to make this. If you want you can check my version here..

  4. Have never really cooked with star fruit:(..heard a lot about it.will try with your recipe..looks awesome!

    US Masala

  5. rasam looks very delicious kanthiji ...yummy ..never tried with star fruit ...i know rasam tastes superb



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