Here are some tips to follow, so health and mental problems wont arise in the time of exams.

Examinations are a terror which cause lots of tension to both students and their mothers.
Students in their tension skip off the morning breakfast which is a MUST.
The breakfast in the morning is an important one,which calms down the brain, and makes it work better,helps to remember everything in exam.
Therefore the examinations will be attended successfully.
The breakfast should be nutritous with proteins and carbs.

  • A glass of Milk,or Badam milk.
  • Chhappathis
  • Butter,bread and jam
  • Boiled eggs
  • Fruits
  • Fruit juices
Mothers should take care that their children will have them,before exams to cope up the exams successfully.
Do not go for junk foods or fries.
Take plenty of water and fruit juices.
And also there are some ayurvedic medicines available in India,which relate to increase of brain power.
Can use it under a ayurvedic doctors prescription.
Usage of Brahmi is one of such example.

And do breathing exercises like Pranayama for 5 mins to calm down the anxiety.

Brain is a WORK SHOP, citrus fruits helps the brain to work better.
It improves the mental ability and increase the sharpness of the brain.

Lime, orange,sweet lime are some of the citrus fruits which have ample amount of Vit-C.
To improve brains sharpness foods that supply amino acids and vitamins especially Vitamin-B complex should be taken.

Improve the Brain Sharpness:
In general,not only for exams but in every day to day schedule a person should be alert.

Exercises that improve the sharpness of the brain are by solving puzzles that appear in newspapers and magazines,learning arts and crafts,playing games,and also video games.

The steps to follow compulsorily are

  •  Pay attention to what you are reading
  •  Practice, do practice,no.of times
  • By cultivating healthy habbits and eating good food we can cope up to remain the brain a  healthy one..


  1. Very thoughtful of you to post tips for anxious students.

  2. great...lovely..for kids!and moms too
    (moms get panicky and its is helpful)

  3. Good tips to help with exam stress.

  4. Great and lovely tips to mums and kids.

  5. First time in your space..but I love it

  6. Very useful tips for students..thanks for posting!

    US Masala


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