Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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And i have sent my recipe Ravva Laddu, to this Ebook..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Gulkhand is a sweet preserve of rose petals from north india..Gul means flower,and qand/khand means sweet in Arabic..
Ancient Preparation (which takes time):
Rose petals being prepared for gulkand..Place the rose petals and sugar in layers in a wide-mouthed airtight glass jar. Place this jar in sunlight for 6 hours per day for around 3 to 4 weeks. On alternate days, the contents of the jar should be stirred with a wooden stick. The jar should be kept indoors once done.

Other ingredients, such as silver foil, Praval Pishti, cardamom seeds, or Muktapishti (powdered pearl) can be added to increase the cooling properties of the gulkand.
This is a lengthy one which takes time.Hence for preparing instantly i prepare it in a instant and easy way which is given below..check the below  proceedure which i prepare..It stays fresh for a month when preserved in a fridge..

Benefits and uses Gulqand is an Ayurvedic tonic. This includes reduction of pitta and heat in the body, a reduction in eye inflammation and redness, strengthening of the teeth and gums, and the treatment of acidity. 

Gulqand is commonly used as an ingredient of Paan, a popular dessert and digestive of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.Even milkshakes can be prepared using this one..

Instant Gulkhand Recipe:
Rose petals-1 cup

Sugar -Half cup(for extra sweetness use 2 to 3 tbsp more)

Dried rose petals-2 tbsp

Cardamom seeds-2 nos


Wash rose petals in plenty of water,and remove from water,dry them on a cloth in a dry place(not in the sun)

Grind the rose petals to a coarse paste,by adding half a cup of water.

place them in a pan,add sugar and also add dried rose petals,and cook them on medium heat till thick . ..

Switch the stove and remove from fire.Let it cool and store in a dry bottle.

Use it in preparing kheers and rose milk etc..This is an easy method instead of laborious procedure prepared for days together drying all the materials in sun...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mood disorders..they are mental health problems such as depression,mania etc.They can occur in anyone..the causes for mood disorders cannot be understood but an imbalance in brain chemicals plays important role..if it is serious then seek for medical care..
But if in the day to day routine life ,when you are disturbed and out of moods ,a bit of change in your routine is required..Coz..
  • Mental happiness increases the physical beauty in a person.
  • Minimise starchy foods ,carbohydrates in your intake of food.
  • Start body exercise.
  • Go for a dayout with your family and children.
  • Eat your favourite foods and your choice of menu from your near and dear.
  • Listen to your favourite music and start reading your favourite book.
  • Go for a picnic or short vacation.
  • See your family photo album and recollect the memories.
  • Have a chat with your friends.
  • Purchase a dress which you are longing to purchase and wear it.
  • Try to have a full sleep of 7 hrs without any disturbances.
Mood disorders can be a terrifying experiance for many people.Symptoms can include chest pains,headaches,feeling of breathlessness and others.Its important to learn that anxiety attacks,and panic disorders are mental conditions..The best way to manage them is to understand how they manifest..Anxiety is an experiance of fear about future life events, or past time events..
  • Acceptance..accepting without struggling is a best response.
  • Redirection..redirecting your thoughts to things that are safe..
  • Stress reduction..reducing stress levels contributes mainly to relieve from mood disorders..
  • Try to be happy..donot worry over the past and think about the future,be in present.
  • Try to help others.Helping those who are in need gives mental happiness.
  • Daily do exercise,keeping body in fit not only gives health but also increase mental peace.
  • Practise meditation and deep breathing techniques.
  • Pray god daily ,this improves mental happiness.
  • Be a nature lover,which increases mental happiness.
  • Make it a habbit to listen good music which is soothing,and read good books.
  • Be happy,coz u look beautiful when u are HAPPY..
Foods help to some extent to minimize and  solve the problem,we will have a look at them..
  • Oatmeal-if you feel yourself feeling irritable and cranky surely you find oatsmeal helps in soluble fiber which helps to smooth out blood sugar levels by slowing the  absorbtion of sugar into the blood..
  • Walnuts-itis considered as a "brain food" because of their wrinkled bi-lobed brain like appearance..
  • Tea-caffeine has been shown to lead to a more positive mood and improved appearance its a fine line.. 
  • Lentils-an excellent source of folate,a Bvitamin that appears tobe  essential for mood and proper function in the brain..
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