Thursday, August 15, 2019


Dondakayalu..Tindora.. 250 gms
Onion chopped..1 medium
Oil..2 tbsp
Jeera ..half tsp
Jeera powder..1tsp
Red mirchi  powder..3 tsp
Adjust according to personal spice eating level
Salt to taste.
  • Wash tindora..dondakayalu well and cut as slices or rings shape.

  • Place pan on stove and pour 2 tbsp oil,heat it in low level..Add half tsp jeera.

  • Meanwhile mix mirchi powder,jeera powder and jeera ,as well as salt together..

  • If tindora are cut in to 4 slices with ends intact, just like we cut for guthhi vankaya,then stuff the mixed mirchi powder in the cut tindora.
  • Then slowly place the stuffed tindora in to the pan with oil,together with onion chop ,and cook well in low flame, keeping the lid.

  • To avoid burning,add half cup of water to the cooking.

  • Cook in low flame and remove after the cooking is done.
  • If cut into slices or rings no need of stuffing.
  • Place the pieces into direct pan with oil,add mixed mirch powder along with onion chop,mix well..add half cup of water and cook in low flame placing the lid..
  • Remove from fire after done..serve with rice..

Tindora.. dondakaya takes a lot of time for cooking,so simultaneously we can cook other items too.

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