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1.Vitamin -C defficiency is stopped if we take minimum 3 to 4 varieties of fruits,raw vegetables in the form of salads daily,see that atleast one variety of citrus fruit is included in them.

2.Aloo if it is cooked without peeling the skin it gives you more Vit-C.

3.Orange,Lemon,Grapes,Strawberry,Guavas,Water melon,Papaya,Cauliflower,consists of large amounts of Vit-C.

4.While cooking vegetables,use less amount of water to boil them.Use pressure cooker to boil n cook vegetables.It prevents the loss of vitamins and minerals.

5.The persons who are under 55 years of age,should take 80mgs Vit-C,and pregnant ladies should take atleast 120 mgs.of Vit- C,daily.

6.Our skin sensitive,if it should not loose its sensitivity,elasticity,Vit-C is essential .If Vit-Cis defficient in your body then you will transform yourself into eighty in your forties.


1.The Vitamin -C defficiency is caused in people who doesnt take fruits like,Oranges,Lime,Guava,Mango,Papaya,Grapes,and vegetables.Joint pains,Swellings in joints,Anemia,Bleeding nose,decrease in immunity,quite often facing health problems, ulcers on body, Bone fractures,these are the symptoms of Vit-Cdefficiency.

2.Sports men-if they take Vitamin C ,Vitamin-E,it eradicates the tissue damage in the body.

3.Ladies who are suffering Cervical Dysplacia,if Vitamin c supplements are taken under doctors prescription,the problem will disappear.

4.The health problems like Cataracts in the eyes, occuring in the old age will not occur in the people who takeVit-C and Vit-E supplements.

5.Vit-C which dissolves in water,is absorbed by the body very quickly..If any one smoke atleast once,or have a peg,or feels stress atleast for 15 mins,the vit-c will disappear in the body.

6.Vit-C in the bodywill help to postpone the death.The doctors agree with this.


1.As we all know a day an apple keeps the doctor away.We can include banana also, A day a banana is very helpful for maintaining a good health.

2.Daily eat an Orange,donot worry of B.P.By taking health medications as prescribed by the doctor, if an orange is taken daily,it helps you to overcome the blood pressure problems.

3.Weekly atleast 3 to 4 days,includeCabbage,Cauliflower,in the form of salads or chutneys.

4.Betacarotene fights with cancer,it eradicates the free flow of radicals and acts as antoxidant.fresh fruits and fresh vegetables contain Betacarotene.Even Leafy Vegetables contain ample amount of Beta carotene.

5.Vit-A, if taken daily eye related health problems are decreased.Its recommended by doctors.

For a healthy and happy life everybody has to eat healthy and nutritious food.

Source..The information is a collection from magazines and newspapers..

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