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Palu undrallu,is also a variety made on chavithi.Eve
 love this dish much,and enjoy it,so go for a trial for your kid.


  • Milk.. 2 glasses
  • Jaggery n sugar ..1 glass
  • Saffron.. a pinch
  • Elaichi powder..a pinch
  • Rice powder 1/2 glass
  • Oil 1/2 tsp
  • Salt ..a pinch
  • Water..1 glass
  • Place a vessel with water in it,add oil and salt,let it boil.
  • While boiling low the flame,and slowly add the Rice powder to it,mix well,mash well,so that lumps will not form ,after done,mix well,switch off the stove,placing a lid on it.
  • After 10 mins,mix and mash the undrallu mixture,and prepare small balls with it.keep aside close the lid.

For  palu undrallu:

  • Meanwhile boil milk and also boil jaggery with sugar with  a cup of water seperately.After the jaggery n sugar mixture  started boiling and boiled for 3 to 5 min in low temp,mix with milk and add saffron,and undrallu(small round balls smaller than marbles).Boil for 5 mins in low temp then  switch off.Now add elaichi powder.Serve hot ,even it tastes better when it is a bit freezed..
  • It becomes thicker in consistancy when it is cooled..Children would love it.

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