Monday, September 30, 2019


Taro.. Arbi..ChamaDumpa Stir Fry...

Taro..Arbi..chama dumpa stir fry is a tasty one,usually heavy and suitable for Sunday lunch times..It's tasty and requires a little more oil..But now a days being health conscious we reduced consuming more oils..Here i used very less amount of oil..

For video.


  • Taro..chamadumpa.. Washed and boiled in Ip pan manual setting for 7 minutes
  • Oil..More than 5 table spoons
  • Chilli powder..1 tdp
  • Cheera..1/2 tsp
  • Table salt..To taste..
  • After cooking in  manual mode for 7 InstaPot pan.. Leave it for 5 minutes,and quick release the pressure..
  • Remive the ip pot out..After they are cool..
  • Strain the excess water,and peel the skin from the taro..

  • Always when they are hot,it's sticky to touch and's better to work after they turn cool..

  • Then chop cooked taro roots in to medium pieces..
  • Place a pan on stove top,and add 5 to 6 tablespoons oil to it..

  • After oil is hot..Add the jeera..snd after a minute,add chopped taro to the pan..Occasionally once in 2 to 3 Minutes.. stir once with wooden ladle ..

  • After 5 minutes,when the taro pieces are dry take off excess oil left..

  • Like wise it takes 20 minutes to fry..
  • Finally add chilli powder and salt..
  • Serve when they are hot...

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