Thursday, October 3, 2019


Kobbari payasam..coconut kheer..

A yummy payasam which can be done in minutes of time at the time of puja or any occasion..Fresh coconut is scrapped or use frozen coconut..

  • Scrapped coconut/frozen coconut..1cup
  • Raw rice..2 tbsp..Washed & soaked in water 
  • Jaggery /sugar...1 cup
  • Cashews..A few
  • Raisins..A few
  • Milk..2 cups.. Already boiled & cooled
  • Ghee..1 tbsp 
  •  Cardamom powder..1 pinch
  •  Water..1 1/2 cups


For Video..

  • Wash and Soak  raw rice in 1/2 cup of water 1 hour before..
  • Next grind  coconut and raw rice along with the soaked water..Keep aside.
  • Meanwhile..Turn Saute..In Insta pot..And after On..after a few minutes..When it is Hot..

  • Add 1 tbsp ghee. .To the ip pan..And fry cashews..After they turn brown..Add raisins and fry.Take off them outside with a  spatula..

  • Add water to the ip pot and let them
     boil.. When the water is boiling add the coconut rice paste and boil it..

  • Add the jaggery or sugar to it.mix well..

  • Switch / the ip.. close the lid.
  • Set manual to cook for 5 minutes,turn off the pressure releasing vent..
  • After cooking ,and the beeping done.,Quick release pressure and open...Add the milk kept ready and mix well..Add half quantity of fried nuts..
  • As already IP is hot..It needs less time to boil again.. Saute for 1 minute.

  • Cancel the saute after a minute..Add remaining half of the nuts..
  • Transfer in to another  container and serve.

An easily made bhog prasadam recipe ready with in a few minutes..

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