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Friday, September 13, 2019


BURRITO BOWL ..contd..
Recipe follows ...
  • First prepare the black beans recipe, next corn salsa, tomato salsa, next red hot salsa and sauted vegetables.
  • Now prepare the sour cream,then chop the lettuce and keep aside. 
  • Next prepare guacamole and store in fridge,i keep the seed in the middle of the dish  and cover it with guacamole as it oxides very quickly,and cover it.
  • Lastly prepare cilantro rice.
  • All the proceedures are in the previous
  • Now assemble all these one after another in a bowl ,firstly cilantro rice..
  • Spread 4 tablespoonfuls of it in the dish.
  • Next place 2 tablespoons fullof black beans on the rice..
  • now 2 tbsps of Sauted vegetables..
  • Next 2 tbsps of guacamole....
  • next 2 tbsps tomato salsa ..
  • 2 tbsps corn salsa 
  • and half to 1 tbsp hot salsa it will be very spicy and hot and.. 
  • Sour cream 2tbsps... I omitted cheese in my dish..start eating...

and lastly,I  place chopped  cabbage and mixed...all were good,but I couldn't get lettuce in my area,hence a bit difference ..of course no comparison..but I could cook some item related to the taste, to satisfy the craving..of Mexican cuisine

Wednesday, August 28, 2019




Cabbage chopped..3 cups
Pesara pappu/moong dal..3/4 cup

Table taste
For Tadka..

Oil..3 to 4 tbsp,your choice
Urad dal ..1 tbsp
Chana dal..1/2 tbsp
Mustard seeds,jeera..1 tsp each
Red mirchi..3 no.s made into slits
Green chillies..6 no.s..made into slits
Curry leaves..washed and chopped
Hing..2 pinches
Turmeric..1/2 tsp

1.Place a pan on stove,add cabbage chop to it, add 4 cups of water and let it half boil.

2.After the cabbage is half cooked,add washed moong dal to it and cook,on the stove .The moong dal should be cooked,but not into a paste.
3.Do not use pressure cooker to cook this recipe, as the moong dal will be mashed and become a paste.
4.Strain after it is cooked.

5.Now for Tadka, place a Kadai on the stove ,add oil to it.
6.Add Chanadal and urad dal first,and fry till it's half brown,,after a minute add the remaining tadka and mix well,until nice aroma comes..including Hing and Turmeric..Mix well
7.Add the strained cabbage moong dal to it ,and cover it with lid..keep in simmer.

8.Switch off the stove. Serve with rotis or steamed rice.
Here you go..for video..

Mild curry, eaten in hot days esp,even suitable with elders and kids..If more spicyness is needed more green and red chillies are to be used..

Friday, August 16, 2019


Cabbage..chopped in to small pieces..2 cups
Onion chop 1 cup
Tomato chopped in to small pieces ..1 cup
Batani..1 cup
Oil..2 to 3 tbsp
Red mirchi powder..2 tsp
Dhania powder..2 tsp
Jeera powder..1 tsp
Masala powder..1/2 tsp
Pavbhaji Masala
Ginger garlic paste half tsp..optional 


1.Place a pan on the stove,add oil to it.
2.Add ginger garlic,and after frying for 2to3 minutes,add onion chop and fry ,till transculent. 
3.Add tomato chop and fry until it turns mushy.
4.Next add batani and cabbage and stir well.
5.After 2 mins add all the powders ,except salt.
6.Mix well.Add half cup of water ,mix and let it cook in low the lid.
7.Lastly add Salt,mix..Switch off after its done.
8.Serve hot.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


  • In the Summer season, though how careful we are,take extra care not to get dehydration,sun-tan,excessive perspiration,body odour,and dry skin in rocky places which cause tiny summer wrinkles to appear,etc skin ailments.
  • Every body sweats and loses lots of water.
  • Do take lots of water,coconut water,buttermilk with Salt,and lime water,healthy drinks made with powdered millets,what we call ragi java etc.
  • And also soups to be included in the menu.
  • Foods to be included are cabbage,tomatoes,daals and beans,bananas and sprouts,raisins and leafy vegetables especially palak.
  • Regarding sunscreen -foods that are red,orange,yellow and green in colour,such as kheera,tomato,carrot,capsicum,acts as sunscreen protective layer in the body,resulting the reflection of ultra violet rays.
  • Fruits control the body heat, so water melon is a good option.
  • Pine apple ,banana,grapes and cherries also play an important role.
  • For those who cant take fruits can prepare fruit salaads,and milk shakes with fat less Milk.
  • To maintain oral health curds,butter milk,milk are to be drunk.
  • Foods which have antioxidants can be taken to prevent from summer.
  • Glucose water can be consumed in the afternoon.
  • Regarding skin,as the temperature rises in hot months,extra cleansing is necessary for oily skin people.
  • Another big problem is excessive perspiration and body odour.
  • Twice a day (atleast) take bathwith soap and plenty of water.
  • And certain areas where perspiration is excessive ,should be dusted liberally with talcum powder.
  • For infants,they should be bathed in afternoon in water to which a few drops of cologne have been added.
  • Dust their bodies liberally with talcum powder. 
  • For top to-toe freshness ,cleanse your hair at least weekly twice.

  • For tired eyes wrap crushed ice in a piece of cloth and apply it to closed eyelids.Relax for 15 minutes.

  • Ensure the feeling of freshness by keeping all your personal belongings clean.Cotton clothes are preferred,and all the saris,dresses,etc should be starched and well pressed for a neat appearance.
  • When ironing clothes,place a pad of cotton soaked in cologne or your favourite perfume by your side and run the pad on the clothes before ironing.Your pleasantly fragrant clothes will make u feel cool and fresh.

  • Do away all the nylons,shifons and georgets and silks,and bring out light cotton dresses,cool voils and crispy organdies in light shades.
  • Avoid too many accessories.
  • The makeup should be reduced to the minimum.
  • Foundation creams and lotions should be avoided.
  • Finish make up with a light puff of powder.
  • Be liberal with flowers.Use plenty of them in your hair.
Spray on your favourite perfume and when you go out you feel as pleasantly fresh and cool as though you are in a hill station.

A collection from  magazines.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Cabbage Ava pettina curry is famous in andhra side ,and even in traditional functions, because it doesnt have onion or garlic..There are many varieties of curries we do with cabbage,but this one is prepared in coastal andhra homes,and andhra is famous for  ava pettina kuralu..

Chopped cabbage - 2 cups
Tamarind paste 1 tsp
 thick pulp made of
lime sized tamarind
Oil 2 tbsp
Urad dal 1/2 tsp
Channa daal 1/2 tsp
Red chilli (slits) 2 nos
Green chilli 3 nos(slits)
Curry leaves

For ava mixture:
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Redchilli 1 no
Green chilli 1 no
Haldhi a pinch
Salt a pinch
Grind these 5 items into a thick paste
by adding 1 tbsp of water and
keep it aside.
Boil and cook the chopped cabbage pieces by adding  water,in a prestige cooker for 2 whisles..switch off and let it cool.
After it is cooled open the cooker and strain the water from the cabbagepieces.
Now add tamarind pulp  and salt and again cook for 5 more mins,after it is cooked switch off and let it cool.
In the meanwhile prepare ava mixture ,it will be just 1 tbsp full and keep it aside.
After the cabbage pieces are cooled , strain  away fully the tamarind pulp,water from the cooked cabbage pieces and keep it aside.
Now place a pan and add 2 to 3 tbsp of oil, next add urad daal,redchilli slits,and saute well.
Next add green chilli slits,hing,haldhi and curry leaves and mix well.
Now add the cooked and strained cabbage pieces,and mix well.
Cook in low flame for 3 minutes and switch off.
Now add the ava paste in the cabbage curry and mix well.
Let it settle for more than half an hour to get the yummy taste.
Ideal with hot rice