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PANCHAMRUTHAM An easy made prasadam in 5 minutes by mixing all the readily available materials..especially it's made in every home in Puja.

Materials.. Cow milk..1/4 cup Cow curds..1/4 cup Cow ghee..1/2 spoon Honey..1tbsp Sugar..1 tsp Water..1/2 tbsp Banana  1/2 chopped into small pieces.
Method.. Take a cup and place milk,and now add curds,mix well Add ghee,blend,finally add honey and sugar and mix well. Lastly add finely chopped banana pieces,thoroughly mix. Panchamrutham is ready for neivedhyam now. 


HEALTHY SKIN DAILY routine of cleansing,toning,and moisturizing is needed for a Healthy look in the skin texture.Here we can follow a few tips for a Healthy  skin. 
1.Clean the face ,apply rosewater with cotton wool ...after a while wipe off it from the face with cotton. If done twice daily like this the dirt will be cleaned and face will be clean,apart from bath cleansing. 2.Likewise,if face is applied and tapped with cotton dipped in  Tulasi juice,the skin will be turned healthy. 3.Next by mixing multani mitti,and honey with onion juice,and applied to the face,and washing off a while after its dried,makes skin fresh and supple. 4.Lime juice ,badam oil ,and rock salt mixture when applied to the face  and massaged gently,for 2 to 3 minutes,and washed off after its dried..makes skin shining ,by removing dead skin. 5.If our Skin, should  be looking sensitive,and with natural beauty ,mix cold milk with added keera  paste in it and apply to the skin.Wash after 15 minutes. 6.If skin is dr…