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Daily cooking can be done in IP....The authentic traditional coastal Andhra  cooking is with presenting.. Raw plantain ..aratikaya cooked with ginger and green chillies paste in  an simpleway.. Materials..

For video....

Raw plantain..aratikaya  3 no.s....chopped in to cubes..Place in waterTadka materials....chana dal..urad dal each 1 tbsp 

Jeera..mustard seeds..each 1 tspRed chillies..4 no.sGinger 1 inch...5 green chillies..made in to pasteCurry leavesTurmeric powder..1/4 tspLime juice..1 tsp to 2 tspOil..3 to 4 taste..
Method.. Place plantain .. Arati kaya chop in  IP steel container  and add water..Turn manual for 7 minutes pressure cooking..After beeping is done..Leave it for 10 minutes..Then Quick Release extra pressure and open.Drain the excess water in a strainer.Arrange tadka materials..Turn IP to Saute mode..After it turns ON....Add oil to the IP stee…


HEALTHY SKIN DAILY routine of cleansing,toning,and moisturizing is needed for a Healthy look in the skin texture.Here we can follow a few tips for a Healthy  skin. 
1.Clean the face ,apply rosewater with cotton wool ...after a while wipe off it from the face with cotton. If done twice daily like this the dirt will be cleaned and face will be clean,apart from bath cleansing. 2.Likewise,if face is applied and tapped with cotton dipped in  Tulasi juice,the skin will be turned healthy. 3.Next by mixing multani mitti,and honey with onion juice,and applied to the face,and washing off a while after its dried,makes skin fresh and supple. 4.Lime juice ,badam oil ,and rock salt mixture when applied to the face  and massaged gently,for 2 to 3 minutes,and washed off after its dried..makes skin shining ,by removing dead skin. 5.If our Skin, should  be looking sensitive,and with natural beauty ,mix cold milk with added keera  paste in it and apply to the skin.Wash after 15 minutes. 6.If skin is dr…


BURRITO BOWL DISH Burrito bowl... is a mexican dish which contains the complete nutrition carbs,proteins fibre etc.a complete meal.. When i had been to a trip to  Newyork for the 1st time in 2008..,i couldnot find any rice dish as such in the restaurants..where   it had been habituated  to eat cooked rice and curries for lunch,this dish at Chipotle  saved me  to a full extent.I searched for  it in the whole web and got the recipe which is very near to it.I enjoyed  by preparing in the home.So those who are intersted can try it as a change..when it is not available in your place..The below recipe which i made, was after tasting veg burrito bowl for the first time in mexican restaurant,I was fascinated to do  on my own ,and gave a try..
METHOD: My Recipe follows ... First prepare the black beans recipe, next corn salsa, tomato salsa, next red hot salsa and sauted vegetables.Now prepare the sour cream,then chop the lettuce and keep aside.  Next prepare guacamole and store in …


RED HOT SALSA INGREDIENTS: Red chillies 10 nos Sesame seeds(roasted)1 tsp Lemon juice 2tsp  Clove 1 no Garlic pod 1 no Oregano 1 tsp METHOD: Blend all the materials in a low speed till it turns in to a paste,i added  a few tsp of water. Lastly add 1/2 tsp of olive oil. Add more lemon juice if u require. Chill it for 2 hours. Hot salsa can be used for mexican bowls for extra spicyness,use it in smaller quantities,as it will be very spicy.I make this for burrito bowl can be freezed it for a week.



1..Tomato Salsa is the easiest dish which can be prepared in a matter of minutes time,it can also be served as a  a popular reappetizer.
2..It is a recipe among get togethers and can also be served along with tortilla chips,or papads,bread sticks while watching TV in the evenings.
 3..Have a short look at this recipe which is made and served with burrito bowl.p
4..while preparing at home for more hot and spicy version of tomato salsa add more jalapenos or extra chiilies.
5..This can be mixed with a  spoon or otherwise,for a smooth texture pulse them for a few seconds in a blender.
INGREDIENTS: Red tomatoes 3 nos-finely diced into small pieces 1/2 Onion-finely chopped 2pods Garlic -finely minced 2 to 3 green chillies-finely chopped 2Tbsp Fresh Cilantro chopped 1tsp-Ground cumin powder Salt and Pepper to taste 1 Tbsp-Lime juice 
METHOD: Finely dice all the ingredients and mix well.For smooth texture pulse for a few seconds in a blender. Refrigerate for 2 hours before servi…


GUACAMOLE Guacamole, is a dip made from avocados,it is a mexican dish from Mexico.To prepare a perfect  dish of guacamole  ,ripe avocados are required,which can be tested and examined by gently pressing avocado a little outside the avocado.Guacamole is a healthy appetizer or snack.
2Ripe Avocados- scooped leaving  the skin Tomato-1 large-chopped into small pieces Onion -1/2 cup finely chopped Jalapeos-1 deseeded and finely chopped Cilantro-2 tbsps finely chopped Lime juice-2 tbsp Salt to taste METHOD: Combine all materials to gether and mash together until smooth.Finally add lime juice and salt. For extra spicy ness leave in the jalapenos seeds. Cover well and chill in the refrigerator. Avocados when deseeded turn brown /decolourised  very quickly,so i placed the seed in the centre of the guacamole mixture and covered it and refrigerate it.It doesnot stay colourful for long time. Even though if it is decolourised then slowly take off the above layer while using it Even we can serve …


Corn salsa,is a combo we use for burrito bowl.This one can also be prepared and made yummy by adding finely chopped tomatoes ,giving it a tangy touch.However we can make it mild or spicy .
Corn-1 cup canned /boiled ones Onions -1/4 th cup finely chopped Onions in  raw form/sauted  onions Capsicum-1/4 th cup finely chopped Or Jalapeno -1 to 2 tsp chopped Cilantro-2 tbsp finely chopped Lime juice 1 to 1 and half tbsp adjust according to your taste Salt to taste METHOD: Combine all the materials in a bowl,and refrigerate it for 2 hrs,remove an hour before serving..


In the Summer season, though how careful we are,take extra care not to get dehydration,sun-tan,excessive perspiration,body odour,and dry skin in rocky places which cause tiny summer wrinkles to appear,etc skin ailments.Every body sweats and loses lots of water.Do take lots of water,coconut water,buttermilk with Salt,and lime water,healthy drinks made with powdered millets,what we call ragi java etc.And also soups to be included in the menu.Foods to be included are cabbage,tomatoes,daals and beans,bananas and sprouts,raisins and leafy vegetables especially palak.Regarding sunscreen -foods that are red,orange,yellow and green in colour,such as kheera,tomato,carrot,capsicum,acts as sunscreen protective layer in the body,resulting the reflection of ultra violet rays.Fruits control the body heat, so water melon is a good option.Pine apple ,banana,grapes and cherries also play an important role.For those who cant take fruits can prepare fruit salaads,and milk sh…


PESARA PAPPU - PAPPU PULUSU PESARAPAPPU PULUSU Pesara pappu /moongdaal pulusu is a soft recipe which varies a little with kandipappu pulusu.It goes well during sunny weather or in summer times especially giving the body a cooling effect.


Pesara pappu/ moong daal - 1 cup
Wash well ,and cook into a paste form/daal
and keep it aside.
Tamarind juice 5 to 6 cups Made from a big lime sized tamarind
or adjust according to your taste

Chopped onions 1 cupGreen chillies 6 to 8 nosGarlic 4 to 5 pods(optional)Salt

Oil 1to 2  tbsp Mustard seeds half tspMethi seeds a pinchJeera 1 tspRed chillies 4 to5Curry leavesKothmeer/corriander leaves
Place a pan on the stove and add oil to it After the oil is heated,now add seasoning materials except curry leaves and kothmeer. Afterthey splutter toss well,after they stop spluttering add chopped onion and garlic and saute well for a few minutes in low temp.After the onion pieces turn to a little brown add tamarind juice, salt and cur…

Nimma Charu (LIME RASAM)


Tur daal 1/2 cup(pressure cooked and mashed well in to a paste)
Salt to taste
Add 3 cups of Water to the mashed daal,add Salt and keep it aside.
Lime Juice -2 to 3 spoons
Curry Leaves
Green chillies 3 to 4 nos (slits)

Oil 2 tsp
Mustard seeds half spoon
Jeera half spoon
Hing a pinch
Haldi a pinch
Place Small Kadai for Seasoning on the stove, add Oil to it,after heating,add Mustard seeds,Jeera,Curry leaves and Hing ,after spluttering  add the mashed daal along with water to the Kadai. Let it boil for a few minutes.Then switch off the stove and add the Lime Juice to the Rasam,and cover with a lid.

Compulsorily the stove should be Off before adding the Lime Juice to the Rasam,or else it will turn Bitter if it is boiled after adding Lime Juice.
A very light Dish ideal when the other items in the Lunch or Dinner are Heavy .