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Kobbari payasam..coconut kheer..

A yummy payasam which can be done in minutes of time at the time of puja or any occasion..Fresh coconut is scrapped or use frozen coconut..

Scrapped coconut/frozen coconut..1cupRaw rice..2 tbsp..Washed & soaked in water Jaggery /sugar...1 cupCashews..A fewRaisins..A fewMilk..2 cups.. Already boiled & cooledGhee..1 tbsp  Cardamom powder..1 pinch Water..1 1/2 cups

For Video..

Wash and Soak  raw rice in 1/2 cup of water 1 hour before..Next grind  coconut and raw rice along with the soaked water..Keep aside.Meanwhile..Turn Saute..In Insta pot..And after On..after a few minutes..When it is Hot..

Add 1 tbsp ghee. .To the ip pan..And fry cashews..After they turn brown..Add raisins and fry.Take off them outside with a  spatula..

Add water to the ip pot and let them  boil.. When the water is boiling add the coconut rice paste and boil it..

Add the jaggery or sugar to it.mix well..

Switch / the ip.. …


Undrallu, Pappulo Undrallu, Palallo undrallu

Yellow moongdal 2 cupsMilk 1/4 cupJaggery n sugar mixed 1and  1/2 cupsCardamon (powder) of 2 nosSaffron a pinchPachha karpuram (optional)
 For undrallu: Rice flour half cupMilk  1tbspSugar 2 tspOil/ghee  half tspWater 1 cup
For undrallu:
Place a pan on the stove,add water,milk,and sugar n ghee ,let it boil.When it started boiling,turn the stove flame to low and add rice flour slowly without forming lumps.Mix it thoroughly and speedly,let it simmer by covering with a lid.After 2 to 3 min switch off the stove.Let it cool.After it turns cool,mash well and make small round balls and keep it aside with a lid.
For pappu:

 Wash and cook moong dal,into mushy,and keep aside Meanwhile place sugar n jaggery in another pan and add 1 cup of water,n boil it till medium consistancy.Now add the sugar jaggery mixture to the daal mixture and boil it.While it started boi…


Paramannam..rice pudding..milk kheer is too tasty in instapot..done it for the first time on a trial and error basis in my way .. and could succeed in making it more yummy than in normal cooking.This I made on Vara Lakshmi Puja,and could serve as a prasadam in Puja.


Milk..2 glasses
Water ..2 glasses
Raw rice..1 glass
Jaggery powder..1 glass ful

Ghee..1 tbsp
Cashews..8 no.s..
made into pieces
Raisins..8 no.s
Cardamom powder ..2 pinches
Method.. 1..Add ghee to a pan on gas stove and saute cashews for 30 seconds,immediately add raisins and as they plump in 30 seconds switch off the flame,and keep aside in a plate.

2..Instapot.. add 1 tsp ghee to instapot vessel,and add 1 glass raw rice,and saute  in the ghee for 1 minute..
3.Add 1 glass of milk and 2 glasses of water and i cooked in rice mode for 12 minutes.

4.Then after it released pressure,it took 12 +6 mins,then I  took it out by releasing steam.

5.Then mash  well the cook…


Sheera.. suji prasadam is done in all regions but may be vary in materials

but taste will be identical. We use this as neivedhyam offering in Puja..

It takes less than half of the time in preparing it when compared to cracked wheat prasadam..

Materials:  suji.. ravva 1 cup   .. Sugar 1 to 1 1/2 cups..  Milk 2 cups ..Water 2 cups ..Cardamon powder a pinch ..Cashew nuts, raisins afew.. Ghee 1/2 to 3/4 cup...  U may add upto 1 cup if not calorie conscious. Method:
Place a kadai on the stove and add 1 tsp ghee to it,after heating add
Upma ravva to it,roast  it  and stir for every 2 mins in a low flame,till it
turns into a bit brown colour and a nice aroma follows.It may take just
upto 5 mins if roasted in low flame.. Keep it aside.

Place a pan and add water and milk to it,after boiling add sugar slowly,
let it boil.After boiling add roasted suji/upma ravva slowly,if added
fastly  it may form lumps.Mix well, add ghee slowly spoon after spoon,
stirring it  .Let it simmer for a few…


PANCHAMRUTHAM An easy made prasadam in 5 minutes by mixing all the readily available materials..especially it's made in every home in Puja.

Materials.. Cow milk..1/4 cup Cow curds..1/4 cup Cow ghee..1/2 spoon Honey..1tbsp Sugar..1 tsp Water..1/2 tbsp Banana  1/2 chopped into small pieces.
Method.. Take a cup and place milk,and now add curds,mix well Add ghee,blend,finally add honey and sugar and mix well. Lastly add finely chopped banana pieces,thoroughly mix. Panchamrutham is ready for neivedhyam now. 


SUJI PRASADAM..SATHYANARAYANA PRASADAM..SHEERA BHOG SUJI PRASADAM.. Materials: Suji upma ravva.. 1 cup Sugar ..1 to 2 cups,according to individual taste Milk..1cup Water..1 and 1/2 cups Cashews..12 numbers Raisins..10  Ghee..1/2 cup.. Method:Firstly in a small pan add 1 spoon ghee and add cashews and fry till golden brown,remove fried cashews aside. Add raisins in the leftover ghee and fry,remove quickly from the fire,keep aside. Place a Kadai on stove,add half spoon ghee and add Suji and roast it in small flame,until 5 mins,until nice aroma comes.Remove from flame and keep aside.In the same kadai add milk and water and boil ,after it starts boiling ,add sugar and let it small flame..Next ,add roasted suji,slowly while mixing it thouroughly,meanwhile add the remaining ghee..all this is done,in a small flame itself..let it be simmered..Add the fried cashews and raisins,mix well.keep lid switch off the stove. Now a days we are using less ghee,but using a little more will also …



Sooji - 2 1/2 CupsSugar - 2 1/2 CupsDry coconut flakes/Powder- 1 1/4 CupUnsalted Butter - 4 Tb spnsCardamom powder - 2 pinchesAlmond Flakes - 4 TbspnsRaisins - 3 Tb SpnsMilk - 3/4 CupMethod:

Take a pan and add butter to it. When it is hot add almond flakes and raisins.When the raisins pops up add sooji to it and roast it for 10 minutes or until you get light brown colour. The raw smell should go away. Make sure you continously stir it so that the sooji won't get burnt.Now add dry coconut powder and fry by stirring it for 3-5 minutes.Then add sugar and stir it for 2-3 minutes. Finally before turning off the stove add cardamom powder.After turning off the stove add the milk and mix it. The mixture will be tight.Let it cool for 5 mins and start making ladoo.Make sure you don't put too much milk. You should be able to gather the mixture and make a laddu. You can also sprinkle water or milk on the mixture for making a laddu. Make sure to put a bowl of cold water so that …


Vermicelli Semya payasam /kheer is a basic one too easy peasy to learn.. Can be prepared in few minutes of time..I replaced the previous pics with these..
Video here..

Ingredients: Semya (Vermicelli) ..50 gmsMilk ..500 ml Cashews... 3 tbspRaisins..2 tbspAlmonds Flakes..p 1 tbspSugar ...50 gmsGhee ...2 tspSaffron 2 to 3 strandsCardamoms ..3 no.s..Make powder in Mortal


Add 1 tsp ghee to the pan and add cashews and fry ..Until it gets golden colour..Add raisins now and almond flakes too.. fry until raisins are fluffy..Remove from fire and keep aside..Fry Semya, with a 1 tsp of ghee, to a little brown colour and keep it aside.
Boil Milk and add the roasted Semya into the milk and cook it in a low to med flame.After it is cooked, add Sugar and let it boil in low flame.Then add half quantity of fried nuts ,after boiling for 5 minutes..switch it off.Sprinkle cardamom powder on the prepared Semya .Add nuts fried in the semya …