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SAREE PAINTINGS Painted careers do carry their own beauty,suitable for small occasions ..I have a few designs to share...first comes yellow saree
Yellow organza silk with magenta border,and flowers painted with light magenta and white..and leaves,don't have any choice except green... Red SAREE.. 
Red with gold colour organza silk..on gold colour I mixed shading of red colour with gold colour,for peacock design..and to get an embossing look ,gave an outline with black. Blue SAREE..  Blue organza silk carees  light blue with white shading,and small gold colour flowers and black leaves...leaves are given gold colour outlines to make them look beautiful. Magenta Saree..
Magenta organza silk ,is painted in 2 colours..on magenta back ground painted with gold and black outlines.. and on gold colour background, painted with magenta and black outlines..for peacock motif.. Try these designs,on your clothes..