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In the Summer season, though how careful we are,take extra care not to get dehydration,sun-tan,excessive perspiration,body odour,and dry skin in rocky places which cause tiny summer wrinkles to appear,etc skin ailments.Every body sweats and loses lots of water.Do take lots of water,coconut water,buttermilk with Salt,and lime water,healthy drinks made with powdered millets,what we call ragi java etc.And also soups to be included in the menu.Foods to be included are cabbage,tomatoes,daals and beans,bananas and sprouts,raisins and leafy vegetables especially palak.Regarding sunscreen -foods that are red,orange,yellow and green in colour,such as kheera,tomato,carrot,capsicum,acts as sunscreen protective layer in the body,resulting the reflection of ultra violet rays.Fruits control the body heat, so water melon is a good option.Pine apple ,banana,grapes and cherries also play an important role.For those who cant take fruits can prepare fruit salaads,and milk sh…