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Tomato Rice/Pulao..
Yummy Tomato rice can be cooked in half an hour in IP.. For video...

Materials.. Tomatoes chop..Medium size..6 no.sOnion chop..1 big one choppedPeas ..200 gmsCoriander /kothmeer leaves..2 handfulsGinger garlic paste..1 tbspChilli powder..1 to 1 &  1/2 tbspTurmeric powder..1/4 tspGaram masala powder..1 tbsp..(less or more optional..Salt..To tasteOil ..3 tbspGhee..1 tbspJeera..1 tspCloves..9no.sCardamoms.. 5 no.sCinnamon..1 inch made in to slitsRice..1 cup.. Washed well 
Keep all the materials ready..AndTurn IP to  saute..When Hot..Add oil and ghee..To the IP.. Next add jeera..And add spices cloves..Cardamoms..And cinnamon.. and saute Add onion chop and fry until transculent.Next add cashews and fry..After 2 minutes..Add  coriander leaves and peas and saute.. Then add .. tomato chop and fry until mushy.. Add turmeric..Chilli powders and saute..Next add garam masala powder and salt.. and mix well. Now add washed rice and fry  f…



Lima beans..Done in IP is easy way ,posted this in 2010 stove top method.. Included the link of stove top method..Where as this IP way method  is Very Simple and done in below 20 minutes of time..
For video..


Lima beans..1 cup of 200 mlOnion chop..1 large oneTomato chop..5 to 6 medium sizeGinger garlic paste..1 TspCoriander /Dhania powder..1 tbsp fullJeera powder..1/2 tspChilli powder..1 tsp to 2 tsp..(depends on individuals spice eating levels)Salt..To tasteOil ..3 to 4 tbspMustard seeds..1 tspJeera..1/4 tsp

Method.. Turn Instapot to Saute.. After On..Add oil to it..Let's heat..After Hot..Add mustard and jeera seeds and saute..Add onion chop and fry until transculent.Next add  garlic ginger paste and fry..After a few.. say 3 minutes add tomato chop ,and saute until Mushy..Now add the coriander,jeera and chilli powders,saute for a minute..Add washed, frozen lima beans and mix well..Add 1/2 cup of water.Now cancel …


Radish.. Mullangi sambar

A recipe made in Tamil style of South India..A classic healthy ,tasty one packed with loads of flavours..

Materials needed..

Tur dal..1/2 cup..pressure cooked and kept aside..
Radish..1 large...Peeled and ..made into cubesOnion..1 large..ChoppedTomatoes..2 medium..ChoppedTamarind..1 big lime sized..Soaked in water and extracted e tamarind juice..Sambar powder..2 table spoons..Chilli powder..1 tspSalt..To taste..Curry leaves..ChoppedCoriander leaves..chopped
For video...

Mustard seeds ..1 tspFenugreek seeds..1 pinchRed chilli ..4 no.s.. Make slits  Oil.. 3 to 4 tbsp


Cooked tur dal in IP for 11 minutes..After done..Set aside...wash the IP pan and start cooking sambar..Turn Ip to saute mode..And add oil to it..After the oil is hot, add the seasoning materials mustard ,fenugreek,red chilli slits..

After they start crackling..Add onion chop and fry until transculent..

Then add radish cubes and saute fry for a minute..Then add tomatoe…


Mysore Rasam: Mysore a variation from routine regular stews..

Materials.. Tomatoes..5 to 6 no.s.extract juice of tomatoes by grinding..2 cupsWater..3 cups Corriander powder ..1 tbspJeera powder ..1 tbsp Tamarind paste or lime sized tamarindTurmeric powder 1/2 tsp Oil ..2 tbsp or ghee 1 to 2 tbspSalt  


Mustard seeds..1 tspMethi.. Fenugreek seeds..1/4 tspJeera..1/4 tspRed chillies..2 no.s made in to slitsCurry leaves finely chopped..of 2 twigsCorriander leaves..choppedGarlic flakes..finely chopped..2 tbsp

  Place a vessel on the Stove,add 2 oil,after its heated add Mustard seeds ,Methi seeds,Red Mirchi  slits,garlic chop,when they splutter ,add chopped curry leaves .
After seasoning is done, immediately add the Tomato Juice which is grinded and kept ready.. approximately the juice should be 2 glasses.
Add 2 more glasses of Water into the Vessel,and Tamarind paste or Tamarind,Dhania powder,and Jeera powder,and also add Corriander leaves,let it boil for 20 minut…


Veggie sambar makes a meal complete,and it's tasty with both steamed rice and idols in breakfast

Here you go..For video..


Tur dal 1 cup
Vegetables..Bottle gourd ..small piece,peeled and chopped
Tomatoes..2 big chopped
Drumsticks...frozen..6 pieces
Bhendis..3 cut off the ends,and chop into 1 inch pieces
Onion..1 medium ..chopped
Garlic..5 flakes..finely chopped
Ginger..1/2 inch piece ..finely chopped
Tamarind .. juice extracted from medium lemon sized with 3 to 4 cups of water
Turmeric..1/2 tsp
Dhania/coriander powder..2 tbsp.
Sambar powder..2 tbsp
Red chilli powder..1 tsp taste

For Seasoning..
Oil..3 tbsp
Mustard seeds..1tsp
Methi seeds..1/4 tsp
Jeera 1/4 tsp
Red chilli slits..of 3 no.s
Curry leaves..2 twigs..
Coriander leaves..chopped


1...Tur dal 1 cup is washed and  cooked with 2 cups of water in the INSTAPOT, in manual mode for 11 minutes.. after done,leave it for 10 minutes.
2...Now pres…


GONGURA PAPPU.. this is the second variety,a small variation from 1st variety..the sharp tangy touch of this daal makes it very can blend well with steamed rice and rotis. Materials required..
Tur dal.. 1 cup
Gongura ..2 cups
Cleaned,plucked and washed well.and chopped

Onion..1 medium...Finely chopped
Tomatoes..1 no.chopped

Green chillies..6 no.s
Garlic..6 flakes..finely chopped
Tamarind paste 1 to 1 and 1/2 tbsp

Chilli powder..1 to 1 and 1/2 tsp
I used only 1 tsp

Turmeric powder..1/2 tsp taste
Materials for Tadka.. Oil..1 to 1 and 1/2 tbsp
Mustard seeds..1 tsp
Methi seeds..2 pinches
Red mirchi..2 no.s
Made into slits
Jeera..1/2 tsp optional

Method.. 1..Place a pan on the stove and add oil to it..Next add mustard and methi seeds,along with red chilli slits.
2.After they splutter ,add Garlic flakes and fry well until the raw smell goes.
3.Now add onion chop and green chilli slits and fry until onion turns transculent.
4.Then add tomatoe chop, and fry…