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Taro.. Arbi..ChamaDumpa Stir Fry...

Taro..Arbi..chama dumpa stir fry is a tasty one,usually heavy and suitable for Sunday lunch times..It's tasty and requires a little more oil..But now a days being health conscious we reduced consuming more oils..Here i used very less amount of oil..

For video.


Taro..chamadumpa.. Washed and boiled in Ip pan manual setting for 7 minutesOil..More than 5 table spoonsChilli powder..1 tdpCheera..1/2 tspTable salt..To taste.. Method.. After cooking in  manual mode for 7 InstaPot pan.. Leave it for 5 minutes,and quick release the pressure..Remive the ip pot out..After they are cool..Strain the excess water,and peel the skin from the taro..
Always when they are hot,it's sticky to touch and's better to work after they turn cool..
Then chop cooked taro roots in to medium pieces..Place a pan on stove top,and add 5 to 6 tablespoons oil to it..

After oil is hot..Add the jeera..snd after a minut…


GUMMADIKAYA PACHHI VADIYALU Budidha gummadikaya..ash gourd used to prepare  as Vadiyalu..vadiyams..which we can use and fry in  all the meals all over 12 months..but for preparing as bhajiyas or bondas,tender one is in groceries stores,we could get 2 small pieces of ash gourd, so got it home and tried.. The quantities of measurements which I used I am mentioning them here..


Gummadikaya ..2 piecesUrad dal 3/4 corelle coffee cupRed chilli powder 1 tspTable tasteHing ..2 pinchesOil..for fryingA washed clothMortar be used as a weight Method.. Wash the ash gourd pieces..and chop them in to fine slits.

Place the slits on a square cloth ..add 1 tsp salt..tie the cloth with a rope a,as a potli..and squeeze the excess water.
I placed a large vessel,and a strainer in it..then placed the potli in it,and kept a mortar as a weight.. for every 10 minutes,I used to squeeze and again placed in the strainer , with mortar on wise 4 to 5 times,I did th…


SINDHI KADHI... Sindhi kadhi is a comforting dish,which is liked by majority of sindhi.Very easy in cooking, with a tangy touch,and suits well with steamed rice and even as a soup.
Materials.. Bhendi.. 6 numbers..cut vertically
Peas,carrots..1 cup
Water..6 cups
Oil..3 tbsp
Methi seeds..1/4 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Hing..a pinch
Red chillies..2nos..made into slits
Curry leaves
Turmeric 1/4 tsp
Chilli powder..1/2tsp
Adjust according to your taste
Ginger..1/2 inch grated
Tamarind pulp..2 tbsp
Besan flour..Small cup taste
1.Wash all the vegetables and dry..
2.Remove ends and cut bhendi vertically after making them 2 halfs.

3.Place kadai on stove and add 1 tsp oil and fry bhendi,then keep it aside.

4.Again add the remaining oil to the kadai,and add methi,jeera, chilli slits
and after they splutter,add hing,red chiĺi powder,ginger chop and Curry
leaves and mix for a half minute.

5.Now add besan flour and roast well until aroma is released ,it may take 5 minutes.

6.Add 6 cups of…


Ingredients: Cabbage...Chop.. 2 large cups         Tomatoes...Finely chopped-2 no.s Salt..To taste  Dhania...Coriander powder..1 tbsp Chilli powder..1 tsp Ginger..Finely chopped..1 tsp Urad dal..1tsp Chana dal ..1 tsp Mustard..1/2 tsp Jeera..1/2 tsp Method.. Place a kadai on the stove and add 2 tbsp oil,after heating add urad dal,chana dal, mustard seeds, Jeera and Ginger. After spluttering,add  chopped cabbage and close the lid.Let it cook in low flame with a lid on it( Generally if you add salt to it and close the lid it will give out enough water to cook. You neednot add extra water.)After it is half cooked add dhania powder, jeera powder and chilli powder, tomato pieces.After tomato and cabbage is fully cooked, Open the lid and cook for 2 mins,so that extra water is evaporated. Switch it full when it is fully done. Very ideal for rotis and warm rice.