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Materials.. Sanaga pappu.. chana dal..1 cup Water..3 cups Salt
Seasoning: Mustard seeds a 1 tsp
Urad dal 1 tbsp
Redchillies 3 nos(made in to slits)
Curry leaves a few
Oil 1 to 1 !/2 tbsp
Grated coconut-1/2 cup
Method: 1.Place a vessel on the stove add washed chana dal /senaga pappu and water. 2.Cook  the chana dal  ,till it is 3/4 th cooked.
3.Add salt and keep it aside.
4.strain the water from it..And let it cool.
5.Then place a kadai on the stove,add oil to it.
6.After heating add seasoning materials,after they pop add the 3/4th cooked daal,and saute it.
7.Switch off the stove.
8.After it is cool,add the grated coconut.
9.It can be served with rice, or it can be eaten as a side dish.
9.It can be served as naivedyams/ prasadam in pujas



A prasadam made with coarse rice,to Lord Vigneswara, especially on Vinayaka Chavithi,in the month of Bhadrapada masam.A unique festival which all families participate and celebrate.The easiest prasadam to do.
Rice ravva) 1 cup
Channa daal(washed well and soaked before 3 hours)
Oil/ghee  2 tsp
Salt to taste
Jeera 1/4 tsp

Here you go...for video

Place a kadai on the stove  add ghee addand after heating add jeera and saute ,(if u like add 1 tbsp  finely chopped curry leaves and hing,mix it well).

Next add soaked chanadal and saute addfor 2 minutes..
Then  3 cups of water,salt and soaked channa daal and let it boil.
After it boils,then reduce the stove flame to low and now slowly add the rice ravva slowly,stirring well.
Add the total 1 cup of rice ravva,and place a lid and let it simmer,occasionally stirring. 
After it gets cooked,switch off the stove let it remain aside and let it cool.
After it gets cool, now make balls,and place the undrallu in an idli s…


REPOSTED  PALU UNDRALLU Palu undrallu,is also a variety made on chavithi.Eve
 love this dish much,and enjoy it,so go for a trial for your kid.
Ingredients:Milk.. 2 glassesJaggery n sugar ..1 glassSaffron.. a pinchElaichi powder..a pinch Undrallu: Rice powder 1/2 glassOil 1/2 tspSalt ..a pinchWater..1 glassPlace a vessel with water in it,add oil and salt,let it boil.While boiling low the flame,and slowly add the Rice powder to it,mix well,mash well,so that lumps will not form ,after done,mix well,switch off the stove,placing a lid on it.After 10 mins,mix and mash the undrallu mixture,and prepare small balls with it.keep aside close the lid.
For  palu undrallu:Meanwhile boil milk and also boil jaggery with sugar with  a cup of water seperately.After the jaggery n sugar mixture  started boiling and boiled for 3 to 5 min in low temp,mix with milk and add saffron,and undrallu(small round balls smaller than marbles).Boil for 5 mins in low temp then  switch off.Now add elaichi powder.Serve h…


Undrallu, Pappulo Undrallu, Palallo undrallu

Yellow moongdal 2 cupsMilk 1/4 cupJaggery n sugar mixed 1and  1/2 cupsCardamon (powder) of 2 nosSaffron a pinchPachha karpuram (optional)
 For undrallu: Rice flour half cupMilk  1tbspSugar 2 tspOil/ghee  half tspWater 1 cup
For undrallu:
Place a pan on the stove,add water,milk,and sugar n ghee ,let it boil.When it started boiling,turn the stove flame to low and add rice flour slowly without forming lumps.Mix it thoroughly and speedly,let it simmer by covering with a lid.After 2 to 3 min switch off the stove.Let it cool.After it turns cool,mash well and make small round balls and keep it aside with a lid.
For pappu:

 Wash and cook moong dal,into mushy,and keep aside Meanwhile place sugar n jaggery in another pan and add 1 cup of water,n boil it till medium consistancy.Now add the sugar jaggery mixture to the daal mixture and boil it.While it started boi…